TravelPhoto.LV is a travel, photography and lifestyle blog created by Laila Lazdina – passionate Latvian traveler, photographer and active lifestyle lover based in Riga. 

The last 10 years of my life have been very active, including moving around and traveling. One of my favorite experiences was living in the United States of America. Most of my time was spent in South Florida in very well know area of Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami and West Palm Beach.

There I supported professional junior tennis players during their stay to work with the best tennis and fitness coaches in the world. During the tennis camps I took care about everyday life including meal plans, tournament and practice schedule. I traveled to international junior tennis tournaments in Europe, USA and Asia. I was planning all our trips, from plain  tickets to hotels and transfers; whatever necessary for a successful journey.

I have a vast travel experience with different airlines, airports, hotels (from cheap motels to high end hotels like Ritz Carlton, Bahia del Duque Tenerife, Harbour plaza Hong Kong, Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, etc.), tennis facilities, cities and countries around the world.

Today,  I am spending a lot of time in Southern France and Italy with the locals, hence with blogging I am ready to share my love, findings, feelings, favourite places and things to do, especially charm, historical and cultural touch, landscapes and beauty of nature. I used to travel  to one specific country, city or tennis club, because of my schedule! Today I am going to countries, cities, villages and places with amazing views, interesting things to do, good food or dining; to places where I can see, learn or find something new. When I am back home in Riga, I am an active local traveler as well.  

In my blog, I would like to show the world how beautiful my country Latvia is, to share my long time experience and passion for traveling, active&healthy lifestyle. My insider view of Latvia and Baltics with photos taken by me, travel and active lifestyle tips, advice in cooperation with the best specialists, brands and services, interviews with interesting and successful people, service reviews, product, destinations ect.. With my blog I am promoting Latvian & local brands, products and services, places, to help them be better known in the local market and internationally. 

At the same time I would like to help international companies, services & products to be better known in Latvia (Baltic states) as well, and I am open to take part in different interesting projects, which can help people get better, motivate to develop themselves, and bring more positivity, friendship, peace and good vibes in the world.

Apart from blogging last 5 years I work part time in the Marketing and Customer service in the Business Aviation field. Connections, negotiations, collaborations with 4* and 5* star hotels, the best restaurants, different successful business owners in luxury&premium segment in hospitality, real estate&insurance, cosmetics&fashion, auto&aviation and travel industry etc. in Latvia and abroad. This is what I do on a daily basis now. Prior, I had great and successful career in retail banking business where was exposed to marketing, sales and personal management, customer service, real estate&insurance and different corporate business projects management.

My lifetime career focus (over 20 years) in sales, marketing and customer service in combination with traveling&photographing has given me knowledge, experience, widened my point of view on life and travel. This has lead me to the conclusion that I want to spend every day with a purpose because frankly life is very short and we can’t let a day go to waste.

If my blogging could help only one person in all of the world to move for better changes in life, motivate them to travel, do and learn more, stay fit and healthy or do something with value for himself or others – I will gladly share my stories, tips, experience and positive perception of life! Life is good!

Enjoy traveling! Enjoy amazing views! Enjoy sunsets and sunrises! Enjoy what you do! Enjoy time with your friends and family! Enjoy life! Enjoy your day! 

Thank you very much for reading my blog! Enjoy!